Visioning Process Updates

Visioning Process Updates

September 9, 2020
Ministry Architects – Oversight Committees Named

St. Paul UMC is making progress on action steps included in the Church-Wide Ministry Assessment Report presented to us by Ministry Architects toward developing an impactful ministry at our church for years to come. As you know, this report was developed after holding listening sessions with groups of members and staff. The work will include addressing our challenges, retooling in places, as well as focusing on new ways of ministering to current and prospective members.

To do this work, two key committees have been formed. A Strategic Renovation Team (SRT) will “oversee the renovation process of the church ministries laid out in the assessment timeline; serve as a non-anxious presence, address the immediate pressure points, affirm a consensus for the direction of the church and create the church’s infrastructure.” And, a Renovation Prayer Team “helps the ministries of the church achieve its mission by praying regularly for the church, the Renovation Team, staff, and clergy.” 

Each of these teams was named after a nomination process, by first soliciting recommendations from the Administrative Board and Personnel Team members. Then, church leadership worked through a process of choosing members with some diversity in age and church experiences and agreed on lists of committed church members to fill these roles. They are:

Renovation Prayer Team

Eilene Collins
Mark Johnson
Sally McMahon
Julia Mitchell
Carl Smith
Jimmy Switzer

Strategic Renovation Team

Robert Burns
Ann Curtis
Ray Fore
Joanne Milo
Julie Roberts
Sal Rubino
Ruth Ann Whitehouse

Please be in prayer for these groups. And, watch for news of upcoming events as part of our renovation process. You may read the assessment report and/or view the presentation below.

August 4, 2020:
Assessment Report Update
We value the future of our church, and we are committed to building a sustainable and strategic ministry that is going to have a deep impact. That’s why we are developing a game plan together with the assistance of Ministry Architects. 

Ministry Architects consultants Sara Bailey and Monica Lewis led our listening sessions. Sara and Monica will spent time listening to a variety of groups within the church in listening sessions.

After spending time in these listening sessions (and taking copious notes), the Ministry Architects team report, shares with us what they’ve heard about the church’s ministry – including assets, challenges, and how we compare to other churches around the country – and where it seems that God might be taking us next. 

Below is a reminder about Ministry Architect’s goals. Here is a link to the Assessment Report and Webinar.

Here is a Copy of the Assessment Report and a copy of the Webinar PowerPoint

Click on the Link below for the webinar of the Assessment Report:

A reminder on Ministry Architect’s goals:

  • Listening: People who care about the church’s ministry will have a chance to celebrate, share concerns, dream, identify pressure points, and talk about what they really want.  
  • A Clear Plan: Ministry Architects will provide an overview picture of where the church is now relative to where it would like to go, and then give a detailed proposal and timeline for how to move forward in building a sustainable and strategic ministry.  
  • Focus: This process is designed to build unity around the desire for change and the belief that you can change and create the openness to embrace an intentional, deliberate game plan for making those changes.  
  • Hope: Ministry Architects is saying, “You CAN have the kind of ministry God wants to lavish on your church. It’s going to take some work, but you CAN do it.” 

Why Ministry Architects?
At Ministry Architects, we believe there is a better way, a better way than one-size-fits-all training events and quick-fix searches for superstar staffers. It all starts with building intentionally. So like Architects, we don’t tell churches what they want to build. We start by listening and then show them a blueprint of exactly how they can move from where they are to where they want to be. And then we walk alongside them to make sure that they build the kind of infrastructure they will need to create the ministries they dream of having. We have made it our mission to help churches build Healthy Systems. Innovative Change. Church Future.

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