Worship Times & Bulletins

Worship Times & Bulletins


Note: Due the Covid-19 virus, we are not holding on-site worship services until further notice. In the meantime, join us at our Facebook page at 10:00am on Sundays as we gather for Online Worship, via Facebook Live.

If you can’t be with us on Sunday morning, you can watch the service at a later time at our Facebook page or on the Sermons page of our website (we usually have the videos uploaded to the Sermons page within an hour of the live service).

Bulletin for Online Worship for October 25, 2020

Family Worship Packet for October 25, 2020

Family Worship Packet for November 1, 2020

Family Worship Packet for November 8, 2020

Family Worship Packet for November 15, 2020

Family Worship Packet for November 22, 2020

Family Worship Packet for November 29, 2020

Some tips for joining the “live” online service on Sunday mornings:

Facebook Page vs Facebook Group
First, St. Paul has an official Facebook page, as well as a Facebook “group.” If you search for St. Paul on Facebook, you will see both options pop up. The one that says “Religious Organization” and has the black and red church logo is the official page where we stream the worship service on Sunday mornings. The “group” is where folks can share information. The “group” preceded the “page,” so it sometimes causes a bit of confusion.

Go to the St. Paul Facebook page and “Like” and “Follow” it. We also recommend turning on “Notifications,” which you will find under the “Following” button, so that you are notified of activity on our Facebook page.

There are several ways of finding the live video on Sunday morning:

1. Scheduled Video Notification: Each week, a “scheduled video” post will appear on the St. Paul Facebook page (usually sometime on Friday). If you have turned on notifications, you should see a notification that St. Paul is scheduled to go live (click on the little bell at the top of the FB page to see your notifications).

You can click on that post and select “Get reminder” to get a notification 20 minutes before and again 3 minutes before the service starts on Sunday morning.

If you click on that notification on Sunday morning and wait, you will see a countdown and the video will begin automatically when it goes live.

2. St. Paul Facebook Page: Go to the St. Paul Facebook page where the Live Video will automatically start playing when it goes live. You may need to Refresh the page a few times before you see it.

3. Facebook Watch: Or you can click on “Watch” on the left side of the screen on desktop or laptop, which will give you the option to select Live Videos (videos that are live at that moment). Or on a mobile device, click on the three lines at the bottom (iPhone) or top (Android) of your device and look for Live Videos there.

4. Search: You can also search for our livestream. Going forward, we will title all worship videos, “St. Paul UMC Online Worship,” so if you go to the search feature on Facebook and type in that phrase (or eve a phrase close to that), it should take you to several options from our recent livestreams, including the one that is live at that moment. Look at the date on the post to ensure you are joining the video for that day. The search results will look something like this:

We hope these tips help you find our livestream on Sunday morning. See you then!

Whether the style of worship is traditional or contemporary, we desire to offer our best to God. At St. Paul Church we offer three Sunday morning worship services — two traditional and one contemporary. We conduct our traditional services in our beautiful “citizens’ Gothic” sanctuary at 8:30am and 11:00am The spirited contemporary service, KOINONIA, takes place on the second floor of our Family Life Center at 9:00am. We provide hearing aids in the sanctuary for the hearing impaired in our traditional services. All services are wheelchair accessible. Childcare is available during all Sunday morning services.


Sunday Mornings | 8:30am | 11:00am – Sanctuary 

Our 11:00am traditional Sunday worship service takes place in the sanctuary and includes congregational hymns accompanied by pipe organ and choir, readings from the Old and New Testaments, liturgical responses, a sermon, a children’s moment, and (on the first Sunday of each month) Holy Communion. The 8:30am service is similar but slightly abbreviated and takes place in the sanctuary.

Our traditional service incorporates hymns, readings, and ceremonies based on centuries of church worship, woven into a rich tapestry of worship and praise. From the congregational reading of church creeds to the singing of hymns from the 16th century to the present, traditional worship at St. Paul is dedicated to glorifying God and sharing the good news of the gospel. You’re welcome to join every Sunday for worship, song, and prayer.


Sunday Mornings | 9:00am | Family Life Center

We celebrate worship with KOINONIA in the Family Life Center each Sunday morning at 9:00am. The rich heritage and quality of worship leadership that has marked the history of St. Paul is enlivened with a new language of music, prayer, drama, and visual arts. Our pastors lead us in Scripture and its relevance for our lives, preaching the same sermon heard at our traditional services but in a more relaxed setting.

Our experienced Worship Team comprises singers, instrumentalists, and audio and visual technicians, all dedicated to making worship vibrant and life-changing. Come celebrate with us! (And yes, you can bring your coffee and donuts into the service from the Common Cup.)

Koinonia Play List

For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.– ISAIAH 30:15