Sunday Services: 8:30, 9:00, and 11:00am
A vibrant, Christian community on the corner of Bardstown Road and Douglass Boulevard, in the heart of Louisville's Highlands.

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We are a vibrant and diverse church in the heart of the Highlands in Louisville, Kentucky. As a church, we engage our minds in study so that we can grow in our faith. We celebrate faith as a gift of God, a gift that transforms our hearts to share God’s heart. We commit our hearts and minds in steadfast and faithful hands-on service.

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Announcing a New Team!

Every child of God possesses a particular gift that has the potential to increase the joy and hope in the world.The ministry and mission at St. Paul does not happen through the efforts of a single person, but instead through many people serving on many teams. Every worship service, every youth group, every dinner is a…

Where Do We Help?

By Angela Brooks, Director of Community Outreach I feel like I am on a merry-go-round and I can’t find one thing to focus on to get my bearings. Charlottesville, Harvey, Irma, the list seems to expand every day. I was confused and overwhelmed two months before all of our nation’s most recent tragedies occurred. Where…

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