Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

10:00-10:50 am
St. Paul offers Sunday morning classes for all ages, offering a variety of ways to learn and grow in Christian fellowship together.

Ages K – 6th Grade
Sunday school classes offered to children are age-appropriate Bible studies with application in their daily lives.

Children in grades K-3 meet in room 312.
Children 4-6 meet in room 308.

If you have questions about children’s classes, please contact Tracy Martin, Director of Family and Children’s Ministries, at

Grades 7 -12
Our youth use the Sunday school hour to work on service projects in the Youth Center, 1st floor of the Family Life Center.

If you have questions about youth class, please contact Janet and Billy Sewel, Co-Directors of Youth Ministries, at


If you have questions about an adult class, please contact Dustin Woods, Associate Pastor at

The first four classes will meet through December 20.

Being United Methodist | Room 309

A class open to all to develop clarity about what it means to be a United Methodist. Materials to be studied include UMC Social Principles and books by various UMC authors. The intent is to help you better understand what United Methodists believe.

UM Family | Room 305

A class for parents to discover God’s intentions and plans for families. This is an opportunity for parents to share stories and support one another as they navigate family life.

Connections Class | Room 316

A women’s studies class. Women strive to develop an authentic connection to God and others by studying various authors to find out what matters most, connecting to God.

Ongoing Sunday morning adult classes
The following classes meet on an ongoing basis

Aldersgate | Room 319
A multigenerational, diverse group of individuals with a desire to discuss and share their relationship with God as it applies to contemporary life styles. Class members discuss a variety of books by contemporary Christian authors, exploring biblical, social, and personal issues.

Resilient Faith | Parlor (219)
The Resilient Faith Sunday school class meets between worship services. Through Scripture and various book studies, we explore examples of suffering and hope as we aspire to have resilient faith. All are welcome to join us for fellowship and discussion.

Exploration | Room 110
A themed group that typically begins with a presentation on a book followed by small group discussion. This class also plans various social activities throughout the year.

Love One Another (LOA) | Room 217 (Chapel)
This class comprises individuals from all walks and stages of life. Our structured, Bible-based lessons are varied, never dull, lecture and discussion oriented, and use the talents of outside speakers. We have a heart for charity and outreach and love to socialize. The class is equal parts married and single, always looking forward to welcoming new members.

Serendipity | Room 111
Our class is made up of older adults (60 and up) but we welcome anyone who wants to study scripture in an interpretive way. In other words, we look at different modes and slants rather than deciding that “this is the only way to read or hear it.” We have spent most of our time in the New Testament but refer back to the Old Testament often since many of Jesus’ words are recitations. Although we have some structure, we are open to prayer and discussion on needs as they come up and/or current events.

Vine & Branches | Room 100
A study group facilitated by a rotation of members focused on reading books of Bible. The class periodically hosts potlucks and service activities.

Sunday Morning Forums | McAdams Hall
Occasional discussions highlighting our ministry partners or topics of interest to the church family. Learn more here.