Resilience Resources for Youth

Resilience Resources for Youth

Middle school and high school years can be tough–balancing demands of academics and extracurricular activities, developing your own voice and independence while still depending upon your parents or loved ones for basic necessities, and navigating friend groups and the pressures among your peers. Expectations for success, whether defined by self, parents, or society, may provoke feelings of worry or defeat when you’re faced with a challenge or a struggle. 

The stress may be overwhelming at times.  

Maybe you’re concerned about a friend who is going through a dark time, or maybe friends or your parents are concerned about you. You are not alone. 

On this page, you may access some short videos that talk about emotional health and resilience, as well as websites with resources you might find helpful. 

If you or a friend is ever having thoughts of self-harm or suicide (including thoughts of hopelessness or thoughts of being better off dead), please reach out for help:            

call 988 or 1-800-273-8255   (             OR            
text HOME to 741741   (

No matter how heavy things may be for you or your friend at the moment, Help and Hope are available. 

Resources for Guided Meditation: Marilyn Stoner offers a variety of Guided Meditations to cultivate inner peace, healing, and compassion.

Resilience-based short videos for youth:

Say It Out Loud:

How to Deal: Bouncing Back

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Resilience: Towards and Away Coping Strategies
Author Alyson Reid-Larade talks about Towards and Away Coping Strategies and how your decisions can help create your Better Future. See what people are saying about Alyson’s “Life Changing” book “How To Be Your Own Hero – The Teenager’s Toolkit For Building Self-Esteem”

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Resilience-related websites: