Refugee Sponsorship

Refugee Sponsorship

Furnish an Apartment and Stock the Pantry

St. Paul has committed to sponsoring a refugee family in partnership with Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM). Our team met with Maha Kolko from KRM to discuss planning. 

We don’t know when our family will arrive in Louisville, but we are preparing. There are three ways you can participate. First, please pray for the family as they make this journey. Secondly, use the Sign-Up Genius link below to help us furnish the apartment. We have secured a spot on the first floor of the Family Life Center to store the items as we collect them. Just click on the Sign Up Genius link below and identify which items you are willing to gather.

Finally, you can help us stock the pantry. A grocery shopping list is included below so that we can go ahead and gather groceries for the family. Please buy any items on the list. Other community groups are collecting items too, but the items that we are collecting will go to the family we are sponsoring.  

You can bring furniture and groceries to the church on Sunday mornings from 8:30am – noon, Monday and Wednesdays from 10-1, or by appointment. Just text or call Darren at 270-570-2004. We would like to have these items collected in the next couple of weeks, at least by November 1.

Almohamand Family – Five-year anniversary for previously sponsored family

Members of a Syrian refugee family celebrated their fifth anniversary in the United States this September with some of the original St. Paul support team volunteers. Through Kentucky Refugee Ministries the church provided the Almohamads six months of logistical assistance such as driving them to doctors’ appointments and showing them how to ride the bus. Donations of food, clothing, furniture, toys and money toward utility bills and rent were made by individual members and the church.  Despite the language barrier, mission execution led to enjoyable cultural exchanges that blossomed into lasting friendships. The youngest four of Muna and Ahmad’s eight sons came with them to America and are doing well: two are in grade school; one graduated from high school and is working part-time while attending community college;  the oldest went to work shortly after he arrived and has added a couple of entrepreneurial endeavors to his busy schedule. The four oldest brothers are married with children and live in Turkey. They all Skype often and their shared dream is an in-person reunion. In the meantime, the Louisville Almohamads are applying for citizenship.  (In the photograph with the Almohamads are the Ramseys, the Fleshmans and Jan Krause.)