Active Aging Adults

Active Aging Adults

Active Aging Adults Introductory Wellness Class

SPAMS (St. Paul Adult Ministry for Seniors) and Expressive Avenues: Wellness are sponsoring another introductory class using the holistic program Learning HOW to Age®.

For 5-7 weeks, twice a week, adults aged 65 and over meet for an hour to learn games and exercises to develop skills for mental flexibility, physical perception. and kinesthetic awareness – three areas of wellness neglected in other wellness programs. The wellness class is limited to 10 participants per facilitator. Angie Dortch facilitates this group.

Limited to ten participants to insure individual attention from the facilitator and team building. There is NO cost to individual participants.

Find out about the next session by contacting Angie Dortch at


Watch the following testimonials from participants of a previous class: