Youth Music

Youth Music


Sundays, 5:00-6:00pm
Directed by Karla Temple, Assistant Director of Music Ministries
Accompanied by Dr. Jim McFarland, Director of Music Ministries


The St. Paul Youth Choir includes our 7th grade through high school students who are committed to great singing and worshiping God. This continually expanding choir is for both beginning and advanced singers. All youth are encouraged to join this outstanding group!

The youth choir participates in worship frequently, usually once per month. They sing a variety of anthems, from classic to contemporary. The Youth Choir has toured various parts of the United States and even Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Other previous trips include New York, Florida, Washington D.C., Detroit and Chicago.

Choirs are so very special in that everyone is joining their own individuality and their own sound together to create ONE beautiful sound, for the glory of the Lord- such a gift!  

Goals for 2018-2019 Year

  1. To inspire heartfelt worship through song.
  2. To “draw the circle wide” – to be a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging.
  3. To have fun creating our unique sound together!
  4. To encourage individual growth and leadership (both spiritually and musically).

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Karla Temple, Assistant Director of Music Ministries.

God, take our minds and think through them; God, take our lips and sing through them; God, take our hearts and set them on fire, Through Christ our Lord. AMEN. (William Sloane Coffin, adapted)