Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study


Meets Wednesdays at 10:00am | Via Zoom
Beginning September 16 at 10:00-11:30am

The Wednesday Women of the Word Bible Study invites all women to participate in a 13-week study of John Stott’s Jesus Christ: Teacher, Servant & Savior. If you’re looking for a supportive group of women to study the Word with, pray with, and celebrate with, you’ve come to the right place.

“These 13 studies explore how the Christ of the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Explore how the gospels and the letters reveal different aspects of Christ, yet at the same time, present a united witness.” Each week takes a role of Jesus and examines scriptures that illuminate the role, such as suffering servant, fulfillment of scripture, liberator, savior, etc. As an inductive study, participants answer thought- and discussion-provoking questions. We have a time of sharing, prayer, celebration, and study.

In this time of COVID, you can call in to join the discussion or join via Zoom. To join via phone, you’ll just call a number and participate in the discussion as a conference call. To participate via Zoom, you’ll click on a link and everyone will be connected. It’s easy and we can help with the technology!

Interested? We hope so! Please let Gail Henson know if you’re interested, and she’ll order you a book. She can be reached at 648-2201 or grhenson@gmail.com

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