Star Words

Star Words

Each year on Epiphany Sunday, every person in worship is offered a special word for the year printed on a star. These words are a symbol of the star the wise men followed on their way to baby Jesus. Just like the wise men, we are invited to follow our individual star and open our hearts and minds to see where it takes us.

Below, you will find some past Star Word reflections.


by Harriet Harper

I have been thinking about my star word a lot this year. As the year progressed it became evident that my word was certainly appropriate For 2020!
My word was….flexibility!

Ever since the pandemic set in I have had to remain flexible in order to meet the challenges that I faced almost every day to stay healthy and to protect the health of others. Instead of meeting for lunch with my friends, I have spent many hours on the telephone with them. Instead of attending church, I have shared the virtual services on Facebook. This year was the first time I have ever voted by absentee ballot.

As I anticipate the holidays ahead, I will have to resign myself to eating alone instead of in a family setting. Gifts will need to be mailed or left on the doorstep. Even FaceTime cannot make up for a holiday hug!

In all of this I have to be grateful for extra time to spend in meditation, prayer, and in the presence of our Lord. I am thankful for the extra awareness of the needs of others that has evolved from the separation we feel.

May God continue to lead and guide us through this valley and may we look for and find peace and joy that comes through trust in Him.

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Your word may lead to prayer or written reflection or art or action.You are encouraged to return to your word during the course of the year to see where God may be leading you.If you wish, share your thoughts, a picture of your word, or a story email it to Sara Ferebee, Director of Communications and Outreach, at