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Star Words

Star Words

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On Epiphany Sunday each person is offered a special word for the year printed on a star.  These words are a symbol of the star the wise men followed on their way to baby Jesus. Just like the wise men, we are invited to follow our individual star and open our hearts and minds to see where it takes us in 2019.


Thank you to Ann Curtis for this reflection on her Star Word last year, Humility, for the editor’s letter, Food for Thought, in the Holiday issue of Edible Louisville & the Bluegrass magazine.

The power of a true word is such that it leads one from selfishness to selflessness.  Mahatma Gandhi

At the beginning of the year, our church left laminated yellow stars on each seat in the sanctuary.  Once the service began, we were instructed to turn over our star to reveal our affirmation word for the year, a quality or characteristic to focus on as we experience the next 365 days.  Written in neatly typed black ink was my word: humility.  I knew immediately it was going to be an interesting venture.


Without much thought I placed my star word on the window ledge above our kitchen sink.  In the weeks following, multiple times during the day, these eight letters greeted me.  No matter my mood, no matter my thoughts, humility shared its meaning with me by simply sitting there.

Before long, humility started tagging along as I ventured out into the world.  The word would pop into my mind when I witnessed humility gracing a moment in someone’s life–or, more sadly, when it was absent.  On more occasions than I care to admit, humility came pounding on the door of my mind to help me question my thoughts and reconsider my actions.

The impact of this exercise has been significant, and yes, humbling.  This power of suggestion for the last year has changed the lens through which I see the world, relationships in my life, and myself.

As we begin setting resolutions and goals for 2019, consider what God is saying through your Star Word.  Maybe it’s a characteristic you’ve been hoping to strengthen or change.  Maybe it’s a word that will help you break a habit or help start a new one.  The journey will no doubt bring a new perspective and maybe even a little humility.”

-Ann Curtis

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