Portland Promise Volunteer Opportunities

Portland Promise Volunteer Opportunities


The Portland Promise Center is a thriving faith-based community development center in the heart of Louisville’s Portland neighborhood. For the past 62 years, we have provided families and kids in this economically depressed area with the resources they need to anchor their lives to a firm foundation of faith and to build futures filled with hope.

In our leadership meeting we learned about ACEs ( Adverse Childhood Experiences)  and what the stress from this  trauma can do to children who experience it.  In an effort to create resilience to the ACEs we are working with Portland Promise to help the kids at the center. Here is a list of opportunities to work with the kids of Portland.

1. Mentors to children
     Longterm Commitment
     Meet with Parents
     Meet with the child 2 times a week to mentor and or tutor
     Share the gospel

2. Offer a class for a group of students.
     Class should be 4 to 6 weeks
     Some examples are sports, dance, art and step

3. Short term enrichment such as ACT prep or tutoring.

If you are interested in any of these programs or you feel like you have something to offer the kids of Portland please contact

Julia Mitchell at julialanemitchell@gmail.com

To learn more about ACE’s check out these links: