Methodist Church human sexuality proposals

Methodist Church human sexuality proposals

Information sessions on Methodist Church human sexuality proposals

The structure of the United Methodist Church could change after votes on human sexuality at its General Conference in May. A series of information sessions on how the proposed changes could affect St. Paul will be presented over the coming weeks by St. Paul’s newly formed Christian Action group.

The Methodist church issues have been in the national news during the past week, with the announcement of a high-profile proposal for the church to separate into two denominations. In addition to that proposal, titled the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation, four other plans had been previously proposed to come before the Conference. Over the past year other segments of the Methodist Church have been discussing still other plans.

The Christian Action information sessions are intended to explain and clarify what those proposals are, and what they could mean for the Methodist Church, and St. Paul.

Audio recordings of these sessions can be found below:

January 19—Overview of the procedures for the General Conference coming up in May and how that process will consider the proposals on sexuality. Presented by David Garvin who is a member of St. Paul, has attended General Conferences, and is Director of Administrative Services for the Kentucky United Methodist Church.

Session 1 Audio

January 26—Overview and explanation of the Protocol of “Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation,” the plan which was announced this month.

Session 2 Audio

February 2—Overview and explanation of the four proposals on human sexuality that had been proposed last year, Presented by David Green, a member of St. Paul.

Session 3 Audio

Session 3 PowerPoint Presentation

February 9—Holy Conversations.  How does our faith inform the ways we talk about tough subjects?  We’ll focus on how ordinary conversations can become Holy Moments where we grow in faith and closer to one another.  Presented by Rev. Darren Brandon

Session 4 Audio

Session 4 Handout

February 16—What are the different theological and scriptural understandings of human sexuality?  We’ll do our best to summarize what we are hearing Christians say by exploring a traditional view and a progressive view of human sexuality.  Presented by Rev. Darren Brandon

Session 5 Audio – “In preparing these remarks, I am indebted to the excellent work of my Kentucky UMC colleagues.” – Darren Brandon

Session 5 Handout

A link to the video shown during Session 5 can be found here.

February 23 – History of Reconciling Methodist churches and communities. Presented by Rev. Donna T. Morton, ordained clergy in the Kentucky United Methodist Church, a lawyer, and adjunct faculty at Bellarmine University.

Session 6 Audio