Support Staff

Support Staff

Director, Communications & Outreach

Sara Ferebee

Sara has been a member of St. Paul since 2003 and joined the St. Paul staff in 2018 to provide communications support. Her role has evolved to include community outreach as well. She has a multidisciplinary communications background that includes design, photography, copywriting, and film editing. Sara is also a trained Spiritual Director and holds a Master’s degree in Spirituality from Bellarmine University. She enjoys walking labyrinths and meditating on the St. Paul sanctuary windows, both of which she is…
Administrative Coordinator

Nicole Farmer

Nicole is very excited to be part of St. Paul Church. Her husband, Michael, and she have four children: Hudson, Parker, and twin boys Mason and Easton. She’s a native of Louisville, but is a UK fan to the core. In what free time she does have, she enjoys spending it with her five boys. Nicole is eager to meet new people and is open to your questions anytime!