Ministry Staff

Ministry Staff

Ministry Assistant

Bob Helvey

Bob joined the St. Paul staff in November of 2019 as Ministry Assistant. A native of Pikeville, KY and the oldest of five children, Bob worked as Financial Advisor for 35 years. Then, he spent 15 years in his second career as a high school teacher before joining the staff of St. Paul. He and his wife Marilyn have three children (Sarah, Jenny, and Paul) and three grandchildren (Andrew, Isaiah, and Athena). Bob received his Bachelor of Science degree from…
Director of Youth Ministry

Mary Paige Taylor

Mary Paige Taylor joined the St. Paul staff in December 2019 as Director of Youth Ministry. Mary Paige is a Louisville native who has been attending St. Paul her entire life. She holds a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy from the University of Louisville. During her time at UofL, Mary Paige regularly attended the 9:00 Koinonia service and was a singer on the worship team. She also spent the last eighteen years growing up in the St. Paul choirs and…
Director, Communications & Outreach

Sara Ferebee

Sara has been a member of St. Paul since 2003 and joined the St. Paul staff in 2018 to provide communications support. Her role has evolved to include community outreach as well. She has a multidisciplinary communications background that includes design, photography, copywriting, and film editing. Sara is also a trained Spiritual Director and holds a Master’s degree in Spirituality from Bellarmine University. She enjoys walking labyrinths and meditating on the St. Paul sanctuary windows, both of which she is…
Director of Spiritual Formation

Cullen Hornaday

Cullen joined the St. Paul staff in 2011, but has been a member at St. Paul since 1985. Cullen grew up in the Episcopal Church in Oxford, Ohio and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. She and her husband, Charles, have two adult children, Marjorie and William. Cullen is grateful for the many ways St. Paul has nurtured her faith and enjoys developing spiritual formation opportunities that connect the St. Paul congregation more deeply with their own faith journeys, with God, and with each other.