Video Instructions

Video Instructions

Hello! If you are at this page, then you’ve probably been asked to share a video segment for our virtual service. Thank you for agreeing to participate!

Below are some guidelines for filming yourself and sending your video to us. We will include your name on screen with your video segment, just as we include it in the bulletin for those participating in worship. If you have any questions, please email Sara Ferebee.

Instructions for recording and emailing worship videos:

You can use your phone, tablet, computer, or whatever is easiest for you to record yourself. Then please email the video to Sara. If the file is too large to email, Sara can provide access to a Google Drive where the file can be uploaded. 
Please note: Sara WILL respond to your email (probably within a few hours, if not minutes) once she successfully receives your video. So if you have not heard back from her, please email her to get access to the Google Drive to upload. We have discovered that some email programs indicate an email has successfully sent when it has not. Thanks!

Be sure you are in a well-lighted place. Do not sit with a window or light source behind you because that will put you in shadow; make sure the light source (a window offering natural light or an indoor light) is illuminating your face. Put the camera in landscape orientation (wider than it is tall)See examples of proper orientation below!

When you record, wait at least 3 seconds before you start speaking and after you finish; that will give me some space for inserting transitions. 
For those recording scripture, be sure to read slowly and clearly, and ideally, look at the camera occasionally.

Frame yourself in the picture so that we only see you above the waist and you are looking straight at the camera, if at all possible – that will help you fill the frame and be close enough to the camera to pick up your voice well.
– If you are doing a formal reading (scripture, call to worship, prayer, etc.) then frame yourself showing primarily head and shoulders.
– If you are doing a special video segment, such as a welcome video, then you can frame yourself in whatever way works for your message.

Raise the camera/phone: Try to elevate the camera/phone so you are not looking down at the camera – you might place it on a bookshelf or atop a stack of books on a tall stool, anything that places the camera in front of you instead of below you. Here’s a example of good positioning and lighting:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 4.16.53 PM.png
Some of our wonderful St. Paul friends offering a welcome video for worship!
Video orientation should be landscape/horizontal.