Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Ashes and Blessing on the Corner
10:00-11:00am, front lawn

Walk or drive by the corner of Bardstown Road and Douglass Blvd to receive ashes and a blessing from Pastor Darren.

Noon Ash Wednesday Service
12:00pm, Sanctuary

A half-hour service featuring scripture, a pastoral message, congregational singing, and imposition of ashes.

Confirmation Orientation
5:30pm, Chapel

Ash Wednesday Dinner
6:00pm, McAdams Hall

Make your dinner reservations online, on your Sunday connection card, or by calling the church office.

Evening Ash Wednesday Service
7:00pm, Sanctuary

Featuring music by our Wesleyan Choir (Children in grades 4-6) and congregation, a pastoral message, imposition of ashes, and ending with an outdoor campfire on the steps.

What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday occurs forty days before Easter, not including Sundays (which are considered feast days), and recalls the Israelites’ forty years in the desert and Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness. Lent is an opportunity to look deep into our hearts, and to recognize the extent of our estrangement from God. Through the disciplines of Lent such as prayer, fasting, and sacrificial giving, we are invited to see who we are without Christ, who we are through God’s redeeming actions, what we are becoming by divine grace, and thus transforming the world around us as we grow.