HYR Basketball

HYR Basketball

Highland Youth Recreation Basketball

Winter 2019 | GYM

Highlands Youth Recreation continues their long history of community building through sports.  St. Paul has been part of encouraging their efforts in many ways.   Recently HYR approached us about partnering on a basketball and futsal (Indoor Gym Soccer) league which would reach would reach 5-13 year olds.  As we listened to their invitation, we began to ask ourselves if this could be an opportunity for us to enhance our efforts of community outreach through basketball and add a new program futsal.

It made sense for us to say yes for a lot of reasons.   Many of you know that for some years, we have had an Upward Basketball program.  As we reflected on this ministry, we celebrated that it has been a valued St. Paul outreach.  The reflection also revealed that for several years now there has been a decline in the number of participants in the program and volunteers to support it.  Many reasons were identified, the primary of which is competing opportunities for youth that age and busy volunteers.

Another reality we faced was that Upward has had significant financial losses for several years.  In this new partnership, HYR would create and run the basketball and futsal leagues, and we would provide the space.  After some reflection, we felt like this addressed our ongoing challenges and still provided a community outreach thru basketball.  Additionally, it creates a new opportunity through Futsal.  The St. Paul staff was unanimous that we should accept their invitation and join them in this partnership.

We want to thank last year’s Upward staff, Mike and Tammi Kinser, and the volunteers who over the years have participated in the Upward program.   The good news is that we will continue to have a community basketball outreach and add a new outreach through Futsal.

To learn more about HYR or to register for Futsal or Basketball click here.