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Girl Scouts  – Louisville 

Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm | Starting Tuesday, August 25
Common Cup
Girl Scout troop 721 is a multilevel troop with mostly Daisies (Kindergarten and 1st grade) and Brownies (2nd-3rd grade). This is a very active group of girls who welcome new members!
Last year’s projects included:
  • Community food drive
  • Learning about water conservation, and all we learned about the wonderful parts of the promise and law
  • Helped pick up trash in our community
  • Enjoyed a pool party
  • Went hiking at the parklands
  • Sold lots of boxes of cookies
  • Participated in World Thinking Day where we learned about lots of cultures around the world
  • Had overnights at Girl Scout Camp
  • Enjoyed our grand finale at our mother-daughter sleep over at the Red River Gorge.

Girl Scouts is an awesome opportunity for girls to make lifelong friendships and gain self-confidencee and independence. Our troop is currently excepting girls Kindergarten through third grade. We would be willing to take on girls of all ages as long as a parent or friend is willing to help out.

To join Girl Scouts Louisville at St. Paul
Please contact Stephanie Hair, Troop Leader, at 502-855-1019 or