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July 10-14, 9:00am – noon
For kids in grades 2-7
Performance Date: Sunday, July 16

St. Paul Church invites all 2nd-7th graders to the 2017 Music Camp! Campers learn musical concepts and vocal techniques, and participate in play, musical games, and crafts. Plus, they’ll have the chance to learn and perform an entire musical in just one week!

2017 Musical: It’s Cool in the Furnace by Grace Hawthorne and Buryl Red
Bible stories are timeless, and the tale of a Godly guy named Daniel, his three side-kicks and a fiery furnace is about as cool as it gets. So too is the classic children’s musical that recounts this captivating tale with humor, action, and spiritual heart. With the thirty-five year anniversary re-release of It’s Cool in the Furnace by Grace Hawthorne and Buryl Red, a whole new generation of kids will get to experience this certified “standard” for the first time, just as another generation will get to relive what made this 40-minute musical adventure an instant classic.

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You can register your camper at the Information Center or online. When registering online, please note that the process is bifurcated. One you complete the registration form, then click on the payment option.

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Performance Date and Time
Sunday, July 16, 2017
9:00 & 11:00am | St. Paul Sanctuary